Cyberint unveils ‘Ransomania’, a free platform for sharing ransomware threat intelligence. The company’s 2023 ransomware report reveals the importance of the tool, showing a 55.5% rise in ransomware and predictions of supply chain targeting.

TEL AVIV, IsraelFeb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cyberint, the leader in impactful intelligence, is unveiling its latest contribution to the infosec community: Ransomania. This groundbreaking, free-to-use web application gives users access to a complete repository of ransomware data gathered by the Cyberint Research Team, empowering organizations to combat ransomware with unprecedented efficiency and collaboration, with the tool making data easily accessible and understandable to business professionals and cybersecurity experts alike. Try it now: https://ransomania.cyberint.com/.

In today’s digital landscape, cyber risk is no longer an isolated concern but a critical factor shaping business operations and partnerships, with 60 percent expected to use it to evaluate partnerships by 2025. With 88 percent of boards recognizing cybersecurity as a business challenge, the need for accessible threat intelligence has never been greater. However, democratizing this information has been a longstanding challenge until now. Cyberint’s Ransomania, leverages an enormous body of data collected by the Cyberint Research Team to provide a user-friendly interface for tracking ransomware activity by location and industry. The offering provides real-time insights and facilitates collaboration, equipping organizations with powerful tools to understand their particular threat landscape and strengthen their defenses against the most relevant cyber threats.

In conjunction with the release of Ransomania, Cyberint has published a comprehensive Ransomware Recap Report for 2023 (2023 Ransomware Recap by Cyberint) and hosted an expert webinar analyzing the ransomware threat landscape (https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/20101/603855). The report and webinar highlight key trends and insights gleaned from extensive research into the evolving ransomware landscape that underline the importance of information-sharing in the industry. Key insights from the reports include:

  • 2023 saw a total of 4,368 victims of ransomware, a surge of 55.5% from 2022.
  • Established groups like LockBit3.0 (with 1,047 victims), ALPHV (with 445 victims), and Clop (with 384 victims), along with emerging groups like 8Base (conducting attacks on 281 organizations), Play (executing 304 attacks), BianLian (with 281 victims), and Akira (with 174 victims), contributed to the surge in ransomware attacks.
  • The MOVEit campaign emerged as the most impactful, emphasizing the potentially devastating effect of supply chain attacks and the importance of dedicated supply chain security procedures.
  • After 2023’s successful MOVEit campaign, threat actors related to the ransomware and cybercrime industries are predicted to massively increase their targeting of supply chains.Law authorities globally have been adopting more aggressive approaches in combating cybercrime, particularly in the ransomware industry. Consequently, Cyberint anticipates instances of law authorities compromising threat actors’ infrastructures to force shutdowns.
  • As the ransomware industry becomes very lucrative for threat actors, we are likely going to see some new bold faces, along with comebacks of some groups that disappeared in 2023, such as HIVE.

“We are deeply committed to providing our customers, and the industry as a whole, up-to-date information regarding ransomware attacks, which is one of the common threats in today’s corporate environment” said Yochai Corem, CEO of Cyberint. “Ransomania is an extremely useful free open-source research tool for accessing and analyzing ransomware data. Cyberint is empowering organizations to proactively defend against ransomware attacks, safeguarding their operations and partnerships. Ransomania offers a comprehensive repository of ransomware data spanning years, serving as a valuable resource for threat researchers seeking to delve into ransomware statistics. With its capability to analyze ransomware trends by region and industry, it provides insightful perspectives into an organization’s threat landscape, saving time and enhancing understanding. As threats evolve, Cyberint remains committed to advancing the field of cybersecurity, equipping organizations with the tools and intelligence they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

About Cyberint:

Cyberint’s impactful intelligence solution fuses real-time threat intelligence with bespoke attack surface management, providing organizations with extensive integrated visibility into their external risk exposure. Leveraging autonomous discovery of all external-facing assets, coupled with open, deep & dark web intelligence, the solution allows cybersecurity teams to uncover their most relevant known and unknown digital risks – earlier. Global customers, including Fortune 500 leaders across all major market verticals, rely on Cyberint to prevent, detect, investigate, and remediate phishing, fraud, ransomware, brand abuse, data leaks, external vulnerabilities, and more, ensuring continuous external protection from cyber threats.

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