Terms of Service

1. Preamble

These terms of service are meant to establish and notify you on the legal rights and obligations with respect to your use of the website (the “Website“), vis-à-vis our Company, Cyberint Technologies Ltd. (“we“, “us”, “our“, “Company“).

2. Restrictions on Use of the Website

You agree not to, and shall not permit any third party to:

  • 2.1. copy, distribute or modify any part of the Website without our prior written authorization;
  • 2.2. use, modify, create derivative works of, transfer (by sale, resale, license, sublicense, download or otherwise), reproduce, distribute, display or disclose any Content (as defined below), except as expressly authorized herein;
  • 2.3. disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile, decrypt, or attempt to derive the source code of the Website;
  • 2.4. circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Website or its features that 2.1. prevent or restrict use or copying of any content or that enforce limitations on use of the Website;
  • 2.5. remove, alter or obscure any proprietary notice or identification, including copyright, trademark, patent or other notices, contained in or displayed on or via the Website;
  • 2.6. use any communications systems provided by the Website to send unauthorized and/or unsolicited commercial communications;
  • 2.7. use the Company’s name, logo or trademarks without our prior written consent; and/or
  • 2.8. use the Website to violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations, or for any unlawful, harmful, irresponsible, or inappropriate purpose, or in any manner that breaches these Terms.

3. User Obligations

3.1. You hereby undertake and are responsible that you have all rights and/or any authorization for any content you shall attach and/or type in the applicable part of the Website (e.g. pictures, addresses, information) and represent that they thereby do not violate the rights of any third parties.

3.2. You also hereby hold the Company harmless against any actionable tort claim from all persons relating to the erroneous nature or deceitful information posted by you on the Website, or through one of the services available on the Website as further elaborated in article 4 below.

3.3. You hereby warrant and guarantee that you will not use the Website, or publish or attach content through the applicable fields available to you on the Website, if such use or content:

3.3.1. is not objective or intentionally untrue,
3.3.2. is immoral, pornographic or in any other way offensive,
3.3.3. infringes upon the rights of third parties, in particular copyright,
3.3.4. violates applicable laws in any way or constitutes a criminal offense,
3.3.5. contains viruses or other computer programs that may damage software or hardware or that may
affect the use of computers,
3.3.6. is a survey or chain letter,
3.3.7. is aimed at collecting or using personal data from other users, especially for commercial purposes.


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