Ransomware Trends Q4 2023 Report

ransomware report 2023

With Q4 2023 showing an unprecedented number of attacks, we tell you what ransomware trends you need to know and what groups you need to watch.

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Putting CTEM Into Practice: The Five Key Steps

Continuous Threat Exposure Management, or CTEM, is a critical component of any cybersecurity strategy. But what…
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Whose Behind the Cloak: Cloak Ransomware

Cloak Ransomware: Who’s Behind the Cloak?   

A new ransomware group has emerged, Cloak Ransomware. Learn about their TTPs, recent attacks and…
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Securing Voice Authentication in the Deepfake Era

Securing Voice Authentication in the Deepfake Era 

Deepfake technology using AI algorithms can now generate realistic voice deepfakes. We outline current vulnerabilities…
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Fun Free things to do at BlackHat

Fun Free Things to do at BlackHat 2023

We've collected the best free things (You might need your BlackHat pass) to do this…
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Barbie Phishing Scams

Phishing Alert: Don’t Fall for Barbie Movie Scams

Unravel the Dark Side of Barbie Movie Mania! Threat Actors exploit the frenzy, using phishing…
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SIM swapping Attacks

SIM Swapping Attacks Unmasked: Stay One Step Ahead

SIM swapping attacks involve threat actors gaining control over an individual's number, enabling identity theft….
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Info Stealers Ecosystem Introduction

Info Stealers are one of the most popular malware types being used in the wild…
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Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities

Two newly discovered vulnerabilities as part of the unusual increase in critical vulnerabilities on Windows…
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