Ransomware Groups Report 2024 – Q1

q1 2024 ransomware report

In Q1 2024, the ransomware industry was down to 1,048 cases. See why, as well as top families and targeted sectors and countries.

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beast ransomware

The Nature of the Beast Ransomware

Introducing the next evolution of Monster Ransomware, Beast Ransomware. This ransomware has yet to gain…
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snatch ransomware

Snatch Ransomware: Digital Cat and Mouse

The perpetrators behind Snatch Ransomware have persistently adapted their strategies. See how they have evolved…
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TargetCompany Ransomware AKA Mallox

TargetCompany Ransomware Group AKA Mallox: A Rapid Evolution

TargetCompany AKA Mallox has had 3 main stages of evolution, from its early variants, to…
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ALPHV Site Taken Down by the FBI

ALPHV Site Taken Down by the FBI

On December 19, 2023, the FBI successfully dismantled one of the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware sites. Is…
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Beyond the Mask of Anonymous Sudan

Behind the Mask of Anonymous Sudan: An Analysis

An in depth analysis of Anonymous Sudan, including main targets, TTPs, suspected origins and more.
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CVE 2023-22518

Critical Confluence Vulnerability – CVE-2023-22518 

All the latest information on CVE-2023-22518 including risk, whether threat actors are exploiting it and…
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bianlin ransomware

BianLian Ransomware: Victimology and TTPs

We deep dive into the BianLian Ransomware looking at who they target how they target…
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Israel-Hamas vs Russia-Ukraine

Israel-Hamas vs. Ukraine-Russia War

There are many similarities between the Israel-Hamas war and the Ukraine-Russia war, but there are…
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From Clicks to Chaos: The Rise of Crowd-Sourced Cyber Attacks 

From Clicks to Chaos: The Rise of Crowd-Sourced Cyber Attacks 

Guerrilla Warfare Tactics are increasingly being used during cyber warfare. See how crowd-sourced cyber attacks…
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Atlassian releases 4 critical patches

Atlassian Releases Four Critical Patches to Prevent RCE 

Atlassian released software fixes to address 4 critical flaws that, if successfully exploited, could result…
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the lumma stealer infostealer

The Lumma Stealer InfoStealer: The Details

Lumma Stealer was initially identified in August 2022. Its specifically crafted to illicitly obtain sensitive…
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Getting to know DCRat

Getting to Know DCRat

DCRat, known as Dark Crystal Rat operates as a modular RAT offered as a MaaS…
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